Pictures: Screen captures of Elokapina – Extinction Rebellion’s live feed of their protest in Helsinki on September 25, 2019.

Nine people of environmental group Elokapina – Extinction Rebellion Finland glided with their kayaks in front of MS Queen Elizabeth luxury cruise liner in Helsinki’s Hernesaari district on Wednesday evening.

Their goal?


To bring attention to the carbon dioxide emissions of gigantic cruise liners traveling across the globe.

According to the activists, the government and cities should pay more careful attention to their climate action.

The activists had informed the police and the boat crew of their stunt.

The group was thinking that the ship wouldn’t move until the police arrive at the scene but the cruiser started gliding forward.

“Apparently it tried to scare us so that we would be gone. Nevertheless, we decided to stay there,” said Aleksi Paavilainen, one of the kayakers, to the Finnish tabloid Iltalehti.

The police arrived in a boat. They picked up the activists, one by one.

The protesters had managed to delay the ship by about 45 minutes. Then it was back on its way to St. Petersburg, Russia.

Later the Helsinki Police Department informed on Twitter that they had caught nine people at the scene.

Eight people had been released soon after.

The group is suspected of disobedience against the police and disturbance of traffic flow.

A video of Elokapina – Extinction Rebellion’s protest in Helsinki on September 25, 2019. Source: Facebook