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A Strike Disrupts VR’s Long-Distance Trains on Thursday

A Strike Disrupts VR’s Long-Distance Trains on Thursday



Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

According to VR, a strike disrupts VR’s long-distance train services on Thursday March 31, conductors walked off the job at 3:00 on Thursday morning. The strike will last until 3am on Friday morning April 1. The strike does not affect commuter train services in the Helsinki metropolitan area and services procured by HSL operate as usual.

However, some commuter trains to Lahti and Riihimäki do not operate. Consequently, R and Z trains may get so crowded that passengers are no able to get on at Kerava and Tikkurila. If possible, passengers are advised to use K, N, I, P and T trains. All commuter trains operate between Helsinki and Riihimäki and Helsinki and Lahti except the following trains:

  • D trains from Riihimäki to Helsinki at 6:38, 7:13 and 7:32
  • D trains from Helsinki to Riihimäki at 15:22, 15:50 and 16:22
  • Z train from Kouvola to Helsinki at 6:26 (from Lahti at 7:12)
  • Z train from Helsinki to Kouvola at 16:35 (from Lahti at 17:45)


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