Picture: Karl Baron

A man pretending to be an asylum seeker is suspected of falsification of register entry, forgery and fraud, reports the Finnish Border Guard.

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The man has an Iraqi background, has been a Finnish citizen for 22 years and has lived in the country for about 30 years. Nevertheless, he sought asylum in the eastern city of Kotka in July 2016.

In reality, the man received a Finnish citizenship in December 1993.

The suspected crime was revealed when the border guard’s crime prevention unit was investigating people who had entered the country illegally.

The border guard is suspecting that the man had presented false IDs to the police while seeking asylum in Finland.

The man said that he had arrived in Finland from Iraq, and through Turkey to Russia and from there to Finland.

Because of hiding his real ID and his Finnish nationality and by giving false information of his identification, the man is suspected of the aforementioned crimes.

The man said that he sought asylum for financial reasons.

He managed to withdraw over 5,200 euros of reception money reserved for asylum seekers.

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