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Tony Öhberg

Matkamme alkoi epävarmasti kuultuamme Jätkällä kiertävää huhua loppuneista munista. Otimme kuitenkin haasteen vastaan. Se kannatti, sillä voitto on herkullinen! Nro. 15 #pääsiäismunajahti16

Julkaissut Saara Heinonen Keskiviikko 23. maaliskuu 2016

Saara Heinonen was one of the lucky ones, who found a golden egg after a greedy group of people had picked up most before the official beginning of the race.

An egg hunt, which started as a well-meaning tradition in the coastal city of Sweden’s Gothenburg two years ago, turned into a pursuit of greed at Helsinki’s seaside district Jätkäsaari on Maundy Thursday morning.

The event, started by a global hotel brand Clarion and arranged in Finland for the first time, involved 50 golden eggs, one for each competitor, each including a prize ranging from a gift certificate to a night in the suite of Clarion Hotel Helsinki, which will open its doors in Jätkäsaari and Helsinki Airport Vantaa Aviapolis in October.

The egg hunt was supposed to start at 6:00 in the morning, but the employees of Clarion in Easter bunny suits were jumping about the island in the early dawn, hiding an egg here and there. What the bunnies seemingly didn’t know was that there were eyes upon them.

According to the eyewitnesses describing the events on Facebook, an organised team was following the bunnies already 5:00 in the morning, picking as much as 10 eggs at once. And when hundreds of honest competitors arrived in the beginning of the hunt at 6:00, there were hardly any eggs left to find.

“You naive idiots are fabulous. I am laughing over here. I instructed my team to follow the egg placers already at 5:00 and it worked well. Fools should stay at home,” one man said on Facebook.

“What in the hell! How greedy can people be when the eggs are collected in vast amounts with their bags full. The hunt was a great idea but a few greedy people spoiled everything. Shame upon you!” a woman commented.

According to one of the honest hunters, one of the early collectors tried to sell him three unopened golden eggs for 50 euros.

“I said no.”

“Ok. They will probably go to (the popular online auction).”

A representative for Clarion Hotel Helsinki on Facebook said that the arrangers will look at the negative feedback and will try to improve the hunt for next year.

“Thank you for all the attendants and Happy Easter!” the spokesperson of the hotel concluded.

Cover picture: Julie Kertesz