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A foreign fighter with Finnish nationality has conducted a suicide attack in Iraq, says the Finnish Security Intelligence Service, Supo. “He was a Finnish citizen, this person who left and became a foreign fighter and according to our knowledge conducted a suicide attack and was naturally killed in the process,” said Antti Pelttari, the director-general of Supo.

Pelttari, who spoke at a press conference on Tuesday morning with the Minister of the Interior, Paula Risikko, didn’t reveal details of the attack, such as was the attacker a man or a woman, the number of casualties, or when did the attack exactly take place.

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According to Pelttari, about 80 fighters have left from Finland to Syria, which places Finland among the group of 10 largest EU countries in the world with foreign fighters when compared to the number of population. “In relation to the size of the Muslim population we are number one,” Pelttari said.

When asked, Pelttari couldn’t answer why Finland is holding the number one spot in the amount of Muslim foreign fighters. “It’s a good question. Among the foreign fighters [from Finland], like we have said before, there are 19 different ethnic backgrounds. It’s a very heterogeneous [diverse] group,” he said.

Pelttari said that those foreign fighters who have left from Finland have ascended to important positions in ISIS. He added that there are foreign fighters who have returned to Finland from the conflict areas. “There are about 20 of them.”

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According to Supo, the threat of terrorism is more serious than ever. Supo, however, is not acknowledgeable of any threats of terrorism against Finland.

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