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It’s not fun when babies can’t sleep.

But Hanna Sissala, a Finnish mother and start-up entrepreneur living in Helsinki, may have a simple solution to that: a mattress. The mattress rocks the baby to sleep with an up-and-down motion. Even in a cot.

After trying to make her first child sleep for hours, Sissala decided to invent a solution.

She put together a team of experienced professionals who also wanted to help families sleep better, and Familings baby mattress was born.

The surface of the mattress was designed to be breathable so that air would pass through and it would be safer than a normal mattress even if the baby turns tummy down. The fabrics of the mattress are poison-free. According to Sissala, safety has been the first priority in the design and development of the mattress. “As parents, we also know that nothing is more important than the safety of your baby.”

Sissala was able to try the mattress herself with her second child in 2015.

“Before we got the mattress our son slept only 10-minute naps. He woke up tired and crying, and we were stressed too,” she said in a bulletin. “After we got the mattress, our son slept for 45 minutes, and woke up smiling because he slept enough.”

The demand for her mattress has been big after she presented it at the Habitare decoration fair last weekend in Helsinki at Messukeskus (fair center). “We received a multitude of orders, more than we expected, ” she said.

Sissala may also have to change the name Familings due to a trademark dispute. She received over a hundred name suggestions from helpful people.

Sissala’s mattress was nominated to compete in the finals of “World of kids furniture,” a competition for innovation, in the leading international trade fair for the baby and toddler outfitting sector, Kind + Jugend, arranged in Cologne, Germany on Thursday, September 15.

Let’s wish her luck.


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