Leppävaara station. Picture: Maria Morri/Flickr

A beggar with grey hair is suspected of raping a 19-year-old woman in the woods (Perkkaa) near the Leppävaara station in Espoo on Wednesday morning.

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The suspect was unknown to the woman.

The suspect was spotted at the Leppävaara station on platform number four carrying a note where he begged for money.

The police have released a description of the suspect:

Short gray hair

Normal body type

Wearing a dark jacket with a grey hoodie underneath and wearing blue jeans

Speaks good English

The police are asking to share any tips or eyewitness accounts to phone number 0295 413 031 or by sending email to vihjeet.espoo@poliisi.fi

Leppävaara (Swedish: Alberga) is a district in Espoo. The Rantarata rail line is one of the busiest in Finland.

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