Passengers Arriving in Finland From China Required to Present a Negative Covid Test

The aim of the recommendations is to reduce the risk of the geographical spread of a potential new variant and to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 during air travel.

‘SISU’ Film Review and Interviews – A Man with a Bonfire Heart Kicks Nazis’ A**

We give this one a review score of 100%. In our video, we interviewed the director, Jalmari Helander, and the son of the lead actor, Onni Tommila.

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö Visits Ukraine

President Sauli Niinistö is visiting Ukraine on Tuesday.

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö Visits Ukraine

President Sauli Niinistö is visiting Ukraine on Tuesday.

American Rock Band Alltheprettythings Has the Majority of Listeners in Finland; We Aim to Find Out Why

In an interview with Finland Today, we attempt to find out more about the mysterious American group that Finns have been enjoying on streaming services.

GALLERY: We Jazz Festival’s Venue Breaks the Mold in an Exemplary Way

Here’s our report of the magical weekend at the Korjaamo Culture Factory in Helsinki.


Photo galleries

GALLERY: Swedish Melodic Metal Band In Flames Brings Sauna Heat to Helsinki Ice Hall

View the highlights of In Flames’ performance in our photo gallery.


We followed the Independence Day ceremonies and protests the whole day on December 6, 2022. Happy Independence Day, Finland!

Miss Finland 2022 Finalists Pose wih Sunflowers on the Independence Day of Ukraine

Ten finalists of Miss Finland 2022 beauty competition pose in photos with sunflowers, known widely as a symbol of peace.

GALLERY AND REPORTAGE: Flow Festival Attracted Record Attendance and Featured Some of the Most Touching Performances of Summer

In the span of three days, we heard mesmerizing harp playing, groovy boogaloo and some of the finest in alternative rock. Here’s our gallery and reportage.

GALLERY: UEFA Super Cup Final Gathers Thousands From Around the World to Observe the Football Game in Helsinki

We observed the night from football fans’ perspective when Real Madrid faced Eintracht Frankfurt in Helsinki.

GALLERY: Explosive Jazz on the Island That Used to Store Sea Mines

Lonna is a small island near Suomenlinna but capable of hosting some of the biggest names in contemporary jazz. Helsinki-based We Jazz organization created one of the highlights of the Finnish festival summer when they arranged Odysseus.

GALLERY: We Spent Three Days at Pori Jazz Festival in the Rain with 200,000 People, And it Was the Best of Times!

Here’s our massive gallery from spending three days at the jazziest (and funkiest) festivals in this beautiful Nordic country.

GALLERY: Tuska Metal Festival Attracts Record Crowd: 49,000; View Our Massive Photo Gallery

We spent three days at the Tuska Open Air Metal Festival in Helsinki. View our gallery of over 90 photos.

GALLERY: New Terminal at Helsinki Airport Brings Services Under One Roof

Finavia opened a new terminal at Helsinki Airport on Tuesday, which centralizes the check-in, security controls and baggage claims in a single terminal.

GALLERY: National Parade on the Flag Day of the Finnish Defence Forces Attracted a Large Crowd in Helsinki

The national parade on the Flag Day of the Finnish Defence Forces takes over the streets in Helsinki on Saturday.

GALLERY: Finns Celebrate Winter Olympics Ice Hockey Gold at the Market Square

People gather at the Market Square in Helsinki to celebrate the Olympic gold medal in ice hockey.

REPORTAGE: A Friday Night at the Convoy Finland Protest, Which Jammed the Traffic and Gathered More Than 700 People

Photojournalist Tony Öhberg spent the night observing the Convoy Finland protest that gathered hundreds on Friday and where 55 people ended up in police custody.

GALLERY – Hundreds Protest Against Corona Restrictions: Great Speeches When the Pols Are Not Speaking

Hundreds gathered in Helsinki to remind the decision-makers that this is the final lockdown.

GALLERY: The Police Arrest 21 During the Independence Day Protests in Helsinki

Over 2,000 people took part in various protests on Finland’s 104th Independence Day.

GALLERY: Dozens Observe the Unveiling of Stockmann’s Christmas Window on Saturday

The historical, festive window that unveiled the curtains for the first time in 1949 attracted large crowds to Helsinki center on Saturday afternoon.

GALLERY: Linnanmäki Amusement Park Welcomes the Visitor to a Colorful Dreamland

The Linnanmäki amusement park is endowed with color as the traditional Carnival of Light has kicked off.

GALLERY: Bronze Medals, High Scores; How Finns Battled the Best in Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Finland Today followed the Tokyo Games closely. Here are the highlights in pictures.

GALLERY: Finest Finnish Jazz Artists Charm Crowd in Pori on Hot Summer Day

We joined the final day of an intimate Pori Jazz event at the beautiful Kirjurinluoto Park. Here are the highlights.

GALLERY: Cubans Who Live in Finland Take to the Streets in Helsinki Center

In Finland, the Cubans are worried about their families who live on the island.

GALLERY: Elokapina Activists Camp on Main Road in Helsinki Overnight

Activists of the Elokapina movement set up a camping site on one of the busiest roads in Helsinki.

GALLERY: Peat Producers Block Traffic in Helsinki With 80 Trucks

Peat producers arrived in front of the Parliament Building in trucks to make some noise for the industry.

GALLERY: Hundreds Gather to Protest Against Coronavirus Restrictions in Helsinki

Hardly any of the demonstrators wore a mask, some were holding hands, or, just, rubbing shoulder against shoulder.

GALLERY: Blizzard Slams Helsinki

We followed people in the center of Finland’s capital for two days. Aiming to capture the joy and struggle in photographs amid the first blizzard of the year.

GALLERY: Finland Turns 103

Finland’s Independence Day began in exceptional circumstances. In the evening, citizens are urged to join the celebration remotely.

GALLERY: Helsinki – A Day Before the Spreading Phase

We observed the streets of Helsinki on Wednesday, November 18, a day before the capital region declared having moved to the spreading phase in the coronavirus pandemic.

GALLERY: Event Organizers Protest to Raise Awareness of Their Financial Troubles

View the gallery of event organizers protest in Helsinki on chilly Tuesday afternoon.


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