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The Pride Parade crowded the streets of the city center in Tampere on Saturday, June 9, 2018. Picture: Tiago Mazza

TAMPERE. The 2018 Pirkanmaa Pride Parade, organized by the LGBTI rights organization Seta, took place in Tampere, central Finland on Saturday. Participants marched from the Ratina shopping mall to Laikunlava, a park of the old city library, where a stage has been built to serve the cultural needs of the town with about 233,000 inhabitants.

According to the organizers, about 2,000 people joined the march.

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This year there will be a record number of Pride events arranged across Finland, according to Seta: nealy 20.

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The LBGT community is celebrating the international Pride month, a commemoration of the Stonewall riots in June 1969, which became a symbol of the gay rights movement.

Pride events for the remaining year:

Kokkola Pride 16.6.2018
Helsinki Pride 25.6.–1.7.2018
Kainuu Pride​, Kajaani 7.–8.7.2018
Queerstavi Pride​, Kustavi 14.7.2018
Lohja Pride piknik 2018​, 14.7.2018
Oulu Pride 2018 18.–22.7.2018
Turku Pride 4.8.2018
Lahti Pride 14.8.–2.9.2018
Åland Pride 13.–19.8.2018
Porvoo Borgå Pride 25.8.2018
Kouvola Pride 25.8.2018
Raseborg Pride / Raasepori Pride​ 1.9.2018
BorderPride​, Tornio-Haaparanta 27.8–2.9.2018
Mikkeli Pride 27.10.2018

Here’s the photo coverage of the Pirkanmaa Pride Parade by Tiago Mazza.

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