There are 13,293 confirmed coronavirus infections in Finland, according to the new numbers released on Saturday by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

The number of new infections between Friday and Saturday is 160. No new deaths have been confirmed. The death toll is at 351.

Most new infections were confirmed in the following cities: 72 in Helsinki (4,431), 19 in Espoo (1,430) and 18 in Vantaa (1,379).

In addition, new infections were confirmed in the cities and municipalities below:

5 in Loviisa, 5 in Turku, 5 in Vaasa, 4 in Porvoo, 4 in Lapinjävi, 4 in Tampere, 3 in Oulu, 1 in Loimaa, 1 in Masku, 1 in Rauma, 1 in Raisio, 1 in Kerava, 1 in Nurmijärvi, 1 in Raasepori, 1 in Tuusula, 1 in Lappeenranta, 1 in Rovaniemi, 1 in Hyvinkää, 1 in Mikkeli, 1 in Kouvola, 1 in Jyväskylä, 1 in Kirkkonummi, 1 in Nokia, 1 in Kokkola, 1 in Mustasaari, 1 in Närpiö, 1 in Kotka.

Currently, there are 56 people in hospital care being treated for the coronavirus; 6 people are in intensive care.

The individual statistics of new infections don’t include municipalities where there are fewer than 5 infections.