109 people have been infected with the coronavirus in Finland, according to the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL on March 12, 2020.

The number of coronavirus infections in Finland on March 12, 2020. Illustration: THL

On March 11, the number according to THL was 59. With the addition of a few Finnish news sources, we listed the number at 61.

Most of the new infections have occurred in the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District (HUS). On Thursday afternoon, HUS informed the media that a heart surgeon working at the Meilahti Hospital and who had returned from Tirol, Austria, had been infected with the coronavirus. His symptoms began during a workday on Monday. THL has declared Tirol as an endemic area on Monday afternoon. After Tuesday, the doctor has been on a leave of absence.

There are 28 people at the Meilahti Hospital who have been subjected to the infection. 15 are doctors; 13 other members of the healthcare personnel. They are all in home quarantine. In addition, six patients and their relatives have been subjected to the disease. Some of them are in the hospital, some at home.

Most doctors subjected to the disease are heart surgeons for adults. Half of them are now in home quarantine.

“We will focus on treating the most urgent patients. We will have to cancel some procedures that were scheduled for this and next week,” says Antti Vento, director and physician-in-chief at the heart and lung center of the Helsinki University Central Hospital, in a statement.

According to HUS, the patients requiring urgent treatment are safe, and to make sure it stays that way the university hospitals in Turku, Tampere and Kuopio have been contacted.

Tony Öhberg