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10,000 People Demand Action Against Global Warming in Their March to Parliament Building

10,000 People Demand Action Against Global Warming in Their March to Parliament Building

Rudolf and Santa Claus have reasonable demands for the future. Rudolf’s sign says: “So that there would be snow at Christmas.” Santa Claus is asking “if there are any climate-friendly politicians out here?” Rudolf and Santa are standing at the Senate Square in Helsinki on April 6, 2019. Picture: Klaudia Weber for Finland Today / Click to view gallery

About 10,000 people (police estimate) joined the climate march on Saturday afternoon in Helsinki in another attempt to draw attention to global warming.

They started their march at the Senate Square and then blocked all traffic on Mannerheiminitie and proceeded to the Parliament Building.

The parliament has been featured in climate change related news recently. Mostly because of children who have decided to spend their school day in front of the building while waving big banners and sharing laughs.

“When the adults are not mature enough to tell it as it is, children need to take this responsibility!” was the core message of the recent climate strike, as featured in Finland Today.


It was highlighted that the children around the world would be the first generation to face the harsh impacts of the climate crisis and were thus asking the global leaders: ”Why should we study for a future which may not be there?”

On Saturday, it was time for people of all ages to remind the public and political decision-makers of the same message: “Together we can limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius and turn Finland into the world’s first fossil-free welfare state. Now is the time to act!” the organizers said in a statement.

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