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1.3 Million Kids Skipped School Around the World for Last Friday’s Climate Strike 


1.3 million pupils skipped class all over the world on March 15, 2019, to participate in the global climate strike.

Inspired by Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old Swedish student who was recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, pupils in 122 countries and 1,964 cities all over the world walked out of their schools and called attention to the inaction of political leaders in fighting for climate change.

Finland Today analyzed the figures behind the climate strike.

In Finland, more than 8,800 youths registered themselves for the strike, and according to the police, 3,000 protested in front of the Helsinki´s Parliament Building.

Major demonstrations were held in Italy where about 368,000 kids demonstrated on the day of the climate strike.


In France, 199,000 youths took to the streets demanding climate actions.

158,000 Canadian students took part in the climate demonstrations across the country.

The young protestors, globally connected by countless social media school-groups and environmental blogs, agreed in unison that “climate action is a must!.”

Below you can find the largest number of participants of each country.

Italy (368,000)

France (199,000)

Canada (158,000)

Germany (91,000)

Switzerland (74,000)

Australia (72,000)

Belgium (53,000)

The Netherlands (50,000)

Source: (*numbers rounded off to the nearest thousand)

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  1. Donna McDonald

    Country like Finland have alway care about clean air not like us American who had so many factory and coal mine in the 1930 up into now, with all this pollution and dirt air now we have so many health problem like cancer from the air and ground where food is growth and plant and the water that we drink from years of factory dump waste into the river like in Flint Michigan.

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