I Am the Proud Antithesis of Olli Immonen’s Ethos

With Gaelic, Celtic, Scandinavian, West African and Carib Indian ancestry and a wider family that is made up of about every demographic on the planet my children and I are the proud antithesis of Immonen's ethos.

I love summer, I really, really love summer

For me summer is a time to indulge in a sun drenched, languid apathy. A barbecue here, a white wine spritzer there, nothing too fancy and nothing too potentially stress inducing.

Oh My God, I Live in Finland!

Have you ever had that dream when you suddenly wake in a mild panic thinking to yourself "Oh my god, I live in Finland!?"

The Naked Cavalier

Finland Today columnist Alec Kyle Sibbald explores the working life in Finland from the perspective of an immigrant.