Man Has Sex With a 250-kilo Pig in Snout Hill – Was Later Apprehended For Drunken Driving


On January 20, 2017, a man was caught having sex with a pig at the Snout hill in Northern Ostrobothnia region. He was later apprehended of, among other things, drunken driving. (Pig in the picture is not related to the incident.) Picture: Deraman Uskratzt/Flickr


In the darkness of a piggery in Snout Hill on a Friday night in January, the alarm system was buzzing. The caretakers arrived at the scene and couldn’t believe their eyes. A naked man had submitted himself to be copulated by a 250-kilo boar.

The caretakers advised the man to stop what he is doing. The man, while pulling up his pants, stumbled in pig shit, hurried to his car and escaped the scene. An hour later, about 40 kilometers from the pigsty, the man, apparently drunk, was caught after driving into a ditch. Police apprehended him.

According to the CEO of the pigsty, the man looks like the same guy who had broken into the pigpen already in November. That’s when the man was bustling around in the piggery for more than an hour.

After that, the cameras and alarm system were renewed. The work was well worth it: the man was this time literally caught with his pants down when the workers at the pigpen arrived at the scene in about 10 minutes.

The police suspect the man of disturbing the public peace, of aggravated drunken driving and serious endangering of traffic safety. As for having sex with the pig, the law doesn’t have an opinion.

In Finland, it’s legal to have sex with an animal.

Source: The police

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