Finnish Customs Bust the Largest Online Narcotics Sales Group in the Country

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LSD blotters were sent as a free sample in 2014, when the online narcotics store 'Douppikauppa' was established. Picture: The Finnish Customs

LSD blotters were sent as a free sample in 2014, when the online narcotics store ‘Douppikauppa’ was established. Picture: The Finnish Customs

Two brothers and a woman in their 30s are suspected of operating Finland’s largest online narcotics store, Douppikauppa. According to the customs, the suspects have sold drugs worth of 2 million euros.

The trio ran an online drug sales organization through a website called Silkkite that operated in the Tor network, a service, which aims to anonymize the user and the communication. “The police are totally powerless against drug sales on the internet, so one can be with a relatively safe peace of mind,” said one of the founders of the store in an interview in a book Riisuttu Suomi, published last year.

The man in the interview presented himself as a 30-year-old person with a university background. He was working in a well-paid family business, making “fabulous income” by selling drugs on the side. Most of his family and relatives knew nothing about him being one of the biggest drug dealers in Finland.

The clients paid for the dope by the digital currency Bitcoins. The dope was delivered by domestic mail. The trio also delivered drugs to caches in the terrain, for example in nest boxes.

Some of the drugs were delivered in nest boxes. Picture: The Finnish Customs

Some of the drugs were delivered in nest boxes. Picture: The Finnish Customs

Douppikauppa became largely known in 2014, after sending free LSD blotters to potential buyers. Their brutal and bold marketing caught the attention of the Finnish customs and police, and it’s likely that the authorities started their investigations already then. Even if the transactions are anonymous on the net, the drugs move physically on the ground, and the Finnish authorities are skilled in dealing with that, as the details of the investigation reveal.

The investigation carried out by customs indicates that the persons suspected of online narcotics sales imported, in 2014‒2016, from the Netherlands and Germany to Finland, various narcotics as well as psychoactive substances classified as designer drugs and banned from the consumer market. A total of more than 40 kilograms of narcotics in powder form, such as amphetamine, methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, MDMA powder, alpha-PVP, MDPV etc., more than 40,000 ecstasy tablets and around 30,000 LSD blotters were smuggled to Finland. Considerable amounts of around 20 different psychoactive substances banned from the consumer market have also been smuggled into the country. Most of the narcotics seized by customs were hallucinogenic drugs that stimulate the central nervous system.

Customs also seized strong (100 percent) methamphetamine, which is unusual in Finland. The doses of the seized narcotics vary from a microgram to several grams.”It’s so fucking great to succeed in this way and to be able to fulfill your dream! It’s more addicting that any drug,” the man said in the book.

MDMA crystals. Picture: The Finnish Customs

MDMA crystals. Picture: The Finnish Customs

The customs got their hands on hard evidence in April 2016, after they seized a gigantic load of narcotics that they found in the suspects’ car in Kustavi, a southwestern city with about 900 inhabitants. The dope was hidden in a speaker.

The customs found out that the drugs were smuggled to Finland from the Netherlands. A total of around 15 kilograms of narcotics with the street value of 1.1 million euros, such as heroin, cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine, MDMA powder, ecstasy tablets and LSD blotters, were seized from the car used to snake in the drugs. According to the customs, these smuggled narcotics would have yielded at least 1 million doses.

The police detained the suspects in April on the grounds of suspected aggravated narcotics offenses and smuggling. The trio comes from southern Finland and Helsinki region. When investigating the case, the customs has cooperated with international authorities.

During the preliminary investigation, customs has seized cash (euros), Bitcoins and movable property to the value of around 1 million euros.

Ecstasy tablets in the form of Super Mario Bros. Picture: The Finnish Customs

Ecstasy tablets in the form of Super Mario Bros. Picture: The Finnish Customs

The way the trio operated is nasty. In the anonymous Tor network, the seller and the buyer of drugs don’t meet in person as they are sold and bought using aliases, and PGP encryption (a sophisticated encryption algorithm) is used in the communication. While operating this way, a clever 12-year-old could buy LSD blotters and coke while the seller “is fulfilling the dream.” There’s no way for the dealer to verify the buyer’s age or health. “I don’t believe that I will get caught,” the man said in the interview. “I have, however, prepared myself for a visit from the police and for even doing time in prison, if it would come to that.”

The case will be forwarded for consideration of charges towards the end of September 2016, and the Finland Proper District Court will process it during the autumn. Any kinds of preparations that the suspects made will come in good use, as spending time in the slammer for a long time seems very likely.

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