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Finland Places Among the Top Four English-Speaking Countries in the World

Finland Places Among the Top Four English-Speaking Countries in the World



Picture: Vaughan Leiberum/Flickr

Finland places among the top four countries in the world when it comes to the fluency of English.

The rating was revealed in the fourth edition of the EF English Proficiency Index on Friday. The index ranks a total of 63 countries and territories, and is based on test data from 750,000 adults aged 18 and above. The test included almost 100 questions related to grammar, word order and the comprehension of read and written English. The countries selected for the research did not speak English as the mother tongue.

Laura Häkkinen, the country manager from EF Corporate Solutions, said in a bulletin that because Finns learn English starting from a young age in school, it provides them with the necessary tools later in the working life.


The index also includes a section concerning working life, where Finland placed fifth, just after Norway. The index reveals that in the corporate world the middle management is more fluent than its upper counterpart.

According to the research, the most fluent speakers of English are found among the field of consults, lawyers and those working in tourism. The professions dragging behind by the inch were those working in the field of energy, health care and industry – although their fluency was better than the international average.

Häkkinen said that the communication skills have significant meaning for the international success and growth of the Finnish companies. Fluency in English advances the trade of Finnish businesses, opens new opportunities and increases their chances to succeed.

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The top English-speaking countries in the world:

  1. Denmark
  2. Netherlands
  3. Sweden
  4. Finland
  5. Norway
  6. Poland
  7. Austria
  8. Estonia
  9. Belgium
  10. Germany

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  1. Alan

    I agree! We had a Finnish exchange student 2 years ago – she spoke English better than me!

  2. Mark Maher

    Um, the article mentions that 63 countries are ranked. There are only about 50 countries in Europe – and fewer if you subtract those that speak English as their mother tongue.

  3. Mark Maher

    Speaking of fluency in English, the article uses the real-sounding phrase “dragging behind by the inch”. Problem is, no such expression exists…at least not in English.

  4. David

    Ok- as a Brit married to a Finn and having visited Finland since the 80’s, worked on Finlandia Vodka and based in Finland for a couple of years- now in the Uk and about to head for three weeks near Puumla- where I never have any problems with English

    My comment- Generally Finns are fantastic at speaking English, I’d agree with the table and the person who claims to be anonymous and says Finns don’t speak English is talking nonsense-

    Great job Finland

  5. Anonymous

    Hi, I have German acquaintances and they do speak English and would say that is not like in Nordic countries but many people comprehend and communicate in our tongue.

  6. Anonymous

    They could rather list them I’m Europe. Not the whole world

  7. Anonymous

    Finnish people do not speak English.

  8. suomisana

    The other evaluated countries are in the pdf file linked to the article

  9. afrikalumka

    So the ‘World’ basically consists of the European Union now? Go figure.Who makes these lists? Id like to see which other countries were evaluated.

  10. Anonymous

    This is BS, I am an expat in the Netherlands and I can have trouble going to the supermarket because nobody speaks english. When I was in Finland, I never had a single problem! So this is definitely not accurate

  11. Anonymous

    I agree with you at first I was hesitant to speak English with them thinking that they couldn’t understand me nor either get the details I needed to. But now I’m living here in Finland for 3months and the Finns are do amazing they can even have a good accent in speaking.

  12. Anonymous

    @Jenni: I think you are the person who can not speak english at all. Finnish people, they are shy but they can speak and understand english even better than some native english spoken countries. Or maybe they do not understand your english because your english is so bad maybe

  13. jenni

    Finland really?!I’ve been to Finland ..They can’t understand & speak english that much…I’m not against this country but it’s impossible…

  14. Senshi

    Germans speak English but a lot of us have either no interest in it or they don’t want to. The biggest problem in Germany is that we learn how to analyze texts in English rather than actually using the language. Even high school students hesitate to speak English because they never learnt to communicate in English.
    English is not a big part of our life; everything we need, even online, is available in German, so after school most people never use English.

  15. pradip

    Hey do Germans speak english at all??? whenever i have asked them do u speak english i have got just simple answer “nei”


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