Finland In a Nutshell Is Just COOL

I want you to imagine the shock on our faces when on this cold, Finnish night we saw natives walking the streets wearing T-shirts and shorts.

Wednesday Was the Shortest Day of the Year

The December solstice is actually a specific moment in time when the sun is exactly overhead the Tropic of Capricorn. This year in Finland, the exact time is at 12:44 in the afternoon.

I Love Me Fair – An Introduction to Plastic Surgery

I thought that the I Love Me Fair was preying upon the modern woman’s insecurities with quick fixes at a price. However, I am starting to think that it is a safe environment to explore things like permanent cosmetic work.

Gloria Fashion Show Takes It Back To the 70’s

An endless parade of modest, button up shirt dresses in novelty patterns were marched down the runway paired with modern elements such as fur, army jackets, ankle boots and at times sequins.