Happy Holidays!

Christmas – this time of the year when all sorrow and every problem is forgotten, when we are only happy and cheerful and grateful. In theory.

A Year With Robert Helenius

The Finnish heavyweight boxer, Robert Helenius, will fight for the European Championship title in December. I spent a year watching him turn into a true Nordic Nightmare.

Finland Increases Security After Paris Attacks

Finland adjusts its security posture after the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday night, which left over 150 people killed in massacres around popular nightlife locations around the city centre.

I love summer, I really, really love summer

For me summer is a time to indulge in a sun drenched, languid apathy. A barbecue here, a white wine spritzer there, nothing too fancy and nothing too potentially stress inducing.

Muhammad Cartoonist on Terrorists’ Hit List Talks at a Free Speech Event Today

Lars Vilks, 68, the Swedish caricaturist who has received more death threats than can be counted by fingers and toes, and who is on the militant Islamist organisation al-Qaeda's hit list and has been under police protection since 2007, will in spite of the threat arrive in Finland on Tuesday in the name of free speech.