The Calling of the Trees

Finland is one of those rare places, where you can take a stroll in the center of the city through a deep coniferous forest.

Finland In a Nutshell Is Just COOL

I want you to imagine the shock on our faces when on this cold, Finnish night we saw natives walking the streets wearing T-shirts and shorts.

A Trip to the Autumn Cabin Makes Me Most Productive

The cabin is a great place to work at this time of year, the low temperature and darkness ensure that everybody fervently pulls together until we have accomplished the luxuries of light and warmth, once these tasks are completed work can commence.

The Serenity of Succumbing to Your Age

I'm in my mid 30's, I have reached the halfway point of global life expectancy, in five years I will have reached the halfway point of Finland’s male life expectancy.

Autumn Makes Me Miss a Steady Salary

It is times like this that I do miss my old work-life. The boring but predictable call centres of my youth were always warm and bright and guaranteed you a consistent pay-check at the end of each month.

KKK and the Barrage of Dumb-Arse-Ry

In an act with about as much class as school on Christmas Day, a mob of alabandical "patriots" decided they would intimidate some very vulnerable families, waste police time and embarrass the country they seem so proud of.